Thiagarajar Muthuswami dikshitar Syama Sastri

           intends to provide suitable support to nurture Traditional music & Sanathana Dharma. We are in possession of various books featuring aspects of Carnatic Music, Maharashtra Saints, Marathi Abhangs and various other works of importance to our Dharma as also interesting articles.

published by The Fine Arts Society during the COMPOSERS' DAY celebrations held in August 1996

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Carnatic Music Origin & Development
By V. Subramanian

Divine Music of the Trinity
By R. Muthu Subramaian

Carnatic Composers of the Post Trinity period
By P. N. Krishnamoorthy

The mystic bard of Oothukkadu
By Dr. (Smt.) Sulochana Rajendran

Muthutandavar : A Landmark Composer
By Prof. V. Subramaniam

Navamela Chakram
by Dathathreya
The Theory & Practice of 120 Melakartha Ragas

Profile of Some Composers

The Raman Effect:


"Sageetha Vidwat Sadas"
Programme Organised by
Sadguru Gnanananda Sangeet Sammelan & Narada Gana Sabha Trust
Programme Schedule 1 & 2



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Following is the list of books. These books are available for reference free  to serious  followers of our Dharma and Music.

List A.
Written in English Language

Sr. No./ No. of Pages Name Authors Contents
1.(385) Ragas in Carnatic Music Dr. S. Bhagyalekshmi.

Definition / Classification / Melas / Raga Lakshanas /Equivalents in other systems

2. RAGANIDHI - VOL I B. SUBBA RAO Comparative Study Of Hindustani and Karnatak Ragas
3.(260) RAGANIDHI - VOL II B. SUBBA RAO Comparative Study Of Hindustani and Karnatak Ragas
4.(184) RAGANIDHI - VOL III B. SUBBA RAO Comparative Study Of Hindustani and Karnatak Ragas
5.(303) RAGANIDHI - VOL IV B. SUBBA RAO Comparative Study Of Hindustani and Karnatak Ragas
6.(228) Raga Dhana Ludwig Pesch Alpha Numerical Directory of Ragas
7.(468) Splendour of South Indian Music Dr. P.T. Chelladurai Ragam / Talam / Creative Music / Musical Instruments / Sruthis / Accoustics and Mass Media / History of South indian Music
8.(385) Nad - Understanding Raga Music Sandeep Bagchee Structure of Melody and Time / Evolution & Delineation of Ragas / Styles of Vocal & Instrumental Music / Frequent Ragas
9.(48) Eloquent Percussion Ludwig Pesch & T.R. Sunderesan Description of Karnatic Talas and practical lessons of Self - Study
10.(175) Sangeetha Akshara Hridaya S. Rajagopala Iyer New Approach to Tala Calculations - Mathematics / Kala Pramanams / Jatis
11. (238) Permutative Genius In Tala Akella Mallikarjun Sharma Elements of Tala / Prastara / Application / Old List of Talas
12(375) Illustrated Companion to South Indian Music Ludwig Pesch Conventions / Vadya / Sruti / Gamakas / Raga / Tala / Concert Music / Dance and Music Harikatha Kalakshepam / Composers
13(283) Ragapravaham Dr. M.N. Dhandapani / D. Pattammal Index of Carnatic Ragas / Mela Ragas / Janyas / Mela Raga Chart
14.(300) Sangeetha Lalithya Lahari Bangalore S. Mukund Itihasa / Source and Flow / Thala, laya, Sura, Sapthaka, Raaga, Scales / Instruments / Dravida Sangeetha / Laghu Sangeetha / Bhakti Marga / Vidwanss Charitra / Important Ragas with Compositions
15(132) South Indian Music I Prof. Sambamurthy Musicography / Vocalises / Sapta Tala Alankaras Acoustics / Concert Programmes / Swaragnanam - Exercises
16(186) South Indian Music book  II Prof. Sambamurthy Ragas Tala / 35 Alankaras / Gitas Jativaras Svarajata/ Acoustics / Technical terms - Instruments Questions
17.(472) South Indian Music book  III Prof. Sambamurthy Raga Mela Karta - Janya Raga Lakshana Musical Form Instruments Sangita Mela  Compositions Raga Descriptions
18.(415) South Indian Music book  IV Prof. Sambamurthy Manodharma / Pallavi / Swara Kalpana/ Contemporary Music / Katcheri Dharma/ Raga Lakshana
19. (291) South Indian Music book  V Prof. Sambamurthy Music & Mathematics Experiments / Origin & Scales of Ragas / New Scheme of Melas / Finger Techniques - instruments / Raga & Emotion / Mudras / Music & Temples
20(312) South Indian Music book  VI Prof. Sambamurthy Music & Religion Western Music / Institutions / Hindustasni Music / Recent Advancements / Music of Ancient Tamils / Folk music
21.(100) Appreciating Carnatic Music Ravi Kiran Basic Components / Musical forms / Creative Aspects / Great Personalities / Questions and Answers
22.(100) Indian Music - Carnatic and Hindustani Dr. Shakuntala Narasimhan Common Questions / Histroy of Evolution / Raga Tala / Glossary /
23 (548) Musical Forms in Sangitaratnakara N. Ramanathan Gita and Sangita / Sarangadeva Treatment / Prakarana Gita / Nirgita / Jati gita - Kalpana Gana - Kambala Gana / Aksiptika / Alapi & Prabhanda

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