Music and Dance School Conducted
by the Fine Art Society (Regd)

    The cherished desire of the society to extend its activities for propagating music in this part of the metropolis took shape in 1972 when on Vijaya Dasami Day the Music school wing of the society was formally inaugurated with the solitary member of the faculty along with a dozen students and two classes in Vocal Music.

    In the subsequent year Violin and Mridangam classes were added and two more members joined the faculty.

    With the gradual increase in the number of students each year faculty members also increased and presently there are 8 teachers - three for vocal, three for Violin and two for Mridangam.

    The institution imparted to students are based on a set syllabus and cover a period of eight years at the end of which each successful student receives a certificate of proficiency. In response to request from students for opportunities to continue with their studies the period of studies has been recently extended beyond eight years.

    The standard of education imparted is of a high order and the students have been partaking in complitions conducted by sister organisations and have been recipient prizes.

    The academic year of the school starts from the Vijayadasami day of each year. While in the morning of Vijaya Dasami Day new admissions to classses take place, in the evening the students' are given the opportunity to show their proficiency - entirely a students day.

    Vijaya Dasami is also a prize distribution day. Those who are declared best in each class/dicipline receive awards. Besides the Chairman's and President's endowment there are other established by members in memory of their dear ones and such prizes from bulk of those distrubuted.

    The school in conjunction with the teachers and The Fine Art Society, celebrate the Aradhana Day of the Saint Thyagaraja every year. Normally it is a two day function and the music lovers and devotees gather and render the Pancharatna kritis of the Saint. The other programme consists of individual singing thus providing a platform for the juniors and the up-coming artists.

    In short The Music School of the Fine Art Society, attempts to fill a gap keenly felt by the residents of Chembur and adjoining suburbs, a place they are able to study various systems of Carnatic Music.

    We have already commenced classes for Hindustani Vocal Music, Tabla, Marathi Abhang and Kuchipudi Dance..It is also our dream that the school will developed in to a full fledge college with affiliation to an University.

    We recognise that, but for the support and sympathi from the public we could not have progreseed thus far and we are sure of their continued backing in the fulfillment our dream.

    We are also conducting capsule courses in Pancharatna Kritis, Raga Lakshanam etc.

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