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Sudakshina Trust (Regd.)

As you are aware the Sudakshina Trust was constituted in the year 1973, at the behest of the sage of Kanchi with the object of propagating ancient Indian widom and spititual values which are fighting a losing battle with the forces of materialism.

Many schemes have been evolved for the purpose and one of them is DILIP which is the weapon that has been forged for the purpose. To take the metaphor further along, the contents are the ammunition and the readership determines the size of the army that will be using the ammunition.

DILIP finds its life sustained and purpose fulfilled by the interest taken by its readers.

it is our earnest prayer that more and more people will read it and enrich it by their contribution as well.

it is requested that a donation of Rs. 1000/- be made which will also ensure the supply of DILIP for life, and for which exmption is available under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Notwithstanding, we wish to emphasise that our prime objective is to reach as many as possible with our messagge not necessarily those who can afford to pay.

Sudakshina Trust

Address : 
126-A Dhuruwadi, 
A. V. Nagvekar Marg, 
Prabhadevi, Mumbai - 400 025
Tel : 2430 9318, 2430 9610, 2430 6319
Email :

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